Excellent job, the decking looks brand new and I want to book in the 3 monthly discounted re-coat to ensure it stays that way.
Thanks again..

- Withheld, CBD

Decking Information

Decking Restoration Process

  • Course sanding
  • Punching
  • Filling
  • Fine Roarty Sanding
  • Oiling

Decking Restoration


01 Pine Decking Before Restoration

Pine Decking Before Restoration

02 Punching Nails on Pine Decking beofore Sanding

Punching Nails on Pine Decking beofore Sanding

03 Course Sand of Decking

Course Sand of Decking

04 Course Sanding of Decking

Course Sanding of Decking

05 Filling of Nails Removing silver heads

Filling of Nails Removing Silver Heads

06 Protected Edge Sanding

Protected Edge Sanding

07 Decking Restoration coating oil

Coating Decking in Oil

08 Decking Restoration completed

Pine Decking Restoration Completed

09 Decking Restoration completed close up

Pine Decking Restoration Completed Close Up

10 Hardwood Decking Before Restoration

Hardwood Decking Before Restoration

11 Hardwood Removal of Dirt and Weathering

Hardwood Removal of Dirt and Weathering

12 Hardwood Decking Restoration Complete

Hardwood Decking Restoration Completed

13 Hardwood Decking Restoration Completed

Hardwood Decking Restoration Completed

14 Restored Deck 1

Restored Deck

15 Restored Deck 2

Restored Deck